The digital world is constantly evolving, day after day the threats multiply and it becomes more and more difficult to deal with them with promptness, speed and constantly updated personnel.

artificiale intelligenceThis is where the application of a new technological frontier finds its place, employing the use of artificial intelligence applied to cyber security. More and more companies are starting to adopt new software that employs new A.I. algorithms. Not only that, awareness of a new approach is already underway also in the government sphere and will become a worthy ally for cyber defenders.

"Malicious actors will undoubtedly seek to use AI to attack the UK, and it is likely that the most capable hostile state actors, who are not bound by an equivalent legal framework, are developing or have developed intelligence-enabled offensive capabilities. artificial, "said the report from the Royal United Services Institute for Defense and Security Studies (RUSI).
Artificial intelligence is able to provide instant insights and react in real time to cyber threats by identifying anomalous behaviors in the network and reporting them, blocking them promptly. Through the commitment of machine learning algorithms and deep-learning networks, A.I. learn with each interaction to connect threats to each other and provide useful insights.
Cyber ​​attacks are increasing both in quantity and in complexity and a tool like that of A.I. allows those who analyze the network to optimize IT security procedures. And as scenarios evolve, there is a need for a technology that learns from them, algorithms that can understand threats and counter them with speed and dexterity.
A challenge, that of cyber defense, which always remains dynamic and as such requires dynamic means capable of moving to each attack with a dedicated and reactive method.

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