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Cognitive humanoid robotics. Interview with Oversonic.

The world of robotics is opening up a very vast market, with multiple facets and challenges. Today Fabio Puglia, president of Oversonic, tells us about his robotics company that has recently launched a cognitive humanoid robot RoBee.

Cyber interview Giuseppe Gullo CEO at ProfessionAI

Artificial intelligence is becoming an increasingly present topic in our daily lives, in the short term future it will play a decisive role in our daily actions and not only many technologies dedicated to cyber security employ systems that use artificial intelligence.

Experience and technology to identify external threats, prevent attacks and ensure resilience.

The Palantir team, combining cutting-edge technology, OSINT and HUMINT capabilities and high-level intelligence skills is able to collect, analyze and report on any type of digital information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. But this collection is only the beginning.

Le festività fanno aumentare gli attacchi phishing tramite sms

Cyber Interview Security Mind

Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Veronica Patron co-founder of Security Mind who will talk to us about interesting and deeply connected topics about security and psychology.

Le festività fanno aumentare gli attacchi phishing tramite sms

Cyber Interview Women for Security

In this interview we meet Cinzia Ercolano Founder and member of the Advisory Board of Women for Security, a very active community that brings together professionals who work in the world cyber security in Italy.

Le festività fanno aumentare gli attacchi phishing tramite sms

When the human immune system inspires the fight against cybercrime

In this interview we meet Corrado Broli, Country manager Italy at Darktrace, an innovative company in the world of information security.

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