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9 euros a month to become a cyber criminal

Less than a year of activity and more than 3,000 subscribers are the numbers of the new platform that actually sells monthly subscriptions to become cyber criminals.

Italian SA on Google Analytics unlawfulness: impact and the unsolved issues

Italian SA has recently ruled on the lawfulness of personal data transfers put in place by Google following the declaration of invalidity of the Privacy Shield adequacy decision.

Instagram profile hacked? The insurance is coming

Instagram profiles protected by specific policies, designed to protect against identity theft. This is the direction in which the insurance sector is moving in the age of the metaverse.

Ransomware, a millionaire business

According to a recent and interesting report from the Cybereason company, ransomware has evolved and structured into a real millionaire business.

Social scoring, future risks

Lately we hear about social scoring and social rating, a reality that is also being tested for Europe.

New frontiers of authentication

The use of the single password is becoming obsolete, the double factor is increasingly used in authentication.

Known applications become malware spreaders. The VLC case.

VLC, one of the most popular multimedia players, has become a means by which to carry out cyber espionage campaigns, with the spread of malware.

Social hacking techniques

A technique that still proves to be successful, with cybercriminals becoming experts in social dynamics to acquire all the information necessary to successfully carry out cyber attacks.

Camfecting, how to protect your privacy

What if someone spies on your world through the camera of your own smartphone, turns it on and off whenever they want?

Cybersecurity, the best training courses

The lack of specialized personnel in the sector has been confirmed for some years now, even if many young people are moving towards specializations in this sector. Here are some of the most promising training paths.

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