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Cyber Ducks cares about animals and the environment very much and wants to promote partnerships with associations that are involved in saving and helping endangered and endangered species.

For this reason we have chosen to support Saving The Survivors, a beautiful project that deals with rescuing endangered species in Africa. We were struck by the great involvement of this team that works diligently to help animals that have suffered human aggression and are in danger of life.

Saving the Survivors mission is to treat and care for Rhino, Elephant, Lion and other endangered wildlife that have fallen victim to poaching or traumatic incidents across Africa.

Initially founded by Dr. Johan Marais in 2012 to treat and care for Rhino that had fallen victim to poaching or traumatic incidents, we are best known for our emergency work with Rhino, but we also treat any other endangered species in need. The Saving the Survivors teams regularly work with Lion, Leopard, African Wild Dog, antelope and Elephant to name but a few. In addition to this, we manage and deliver many proactive initiatives such as community and breeding programs, also human wildlife conflict mitigation and wildlife translocation.

If you also think it is a valid choice to help this cause, we ask you to donate and help Saving the Survivors.






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