We believe in a new Cyber ​​Genesis.

The road we are following is made up of connections, new languages ​​and revolutionary actions.

This is why we believe in a new Cyber ​​Genesis made up of people and innovation. Cyber ​​Ducks is a laboratory of ideas where you can learn, get involved, take up the challenges, keep up to date and discover new content in the field of cyber security, to always be ready for new cyber attacks and counter them.

We build a dynamic network between the realities that interact in the field of cyber security, artificial intelligence, new technologies, and the public, providing interesting and interactive information and content, stimulating a dialogue giving ideas for research, training, trends and innovation.

We organize informative events and connect figures of interest with professionals by creating moments of sharing. Cyber ​​Ducks focuses on the cultural dissemination of cyber security.

Cyber Ducks has a creative approach to information, dissemination and experimentation.

Cyber Ducks is a platform for learning and acquiring new skills, which is why we provide training and refresher tools in the new Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) technologies. Being ready and performing through new solutions and new defense methods, but also having fun and learning by putting into play the desire to learn by taking up the challenge. Our training courses range through contemporary topics trying to provide answers and tools to cyber attacks.

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