The evolution of cyber threat prevention is constantly changing, in this new scenario a dynamic and attentive response is needed not only for problem solving, but also open to dialogue with companies that need targeted solutions.

In this panorama we present today an important group that carries out an interesting and synergistic work.
The Relatech group, Digital Enabler Solution Know-how (DESK) Company, is a company listed on the Euronext Growth Milan market since June 2019 and active for over twenty years in Digital Enabler frontier technologies, such as Cloud, Cybersecurity, IoT, Big Data, Blockchain, Machine Learning.
Relatech constantly invests in Open Innovation with an intense R&D activity carried out by internal hubs in collaboration with universities and national research centres. Among the group companies we find Mediatech, a company specialized in Cloud and Cybersecurity technologies. Mediatech joined the Relatech group in 2020, and in this regard actively contributes to the development and management of the suite of services and solutions offered on the market by the group in the cyber and cloud field, in collaboration with the other group companies.

Today we interview Silvio Cosoleto, Chief Operating Officer, partner and Board Member of Relatech S.p.A. and Giuseppe Dominoni, CEO of Mediatech, a 100% Relatech company. In the role of Chief Operating Officer, Silvio Cosoleto is responsible for the business activities and the commercial offer of the Group, which today consists of 10 companies with high expertise and know-how of Digital Enabler technologies.
Giuseppe Dominoni is Cybersecurity Director of the ReSOC Business Unit of the Relatech group and CEO of Mediatech. Entrepreneur for over twenty years, he has demonstrated with the results that he knows how to create, coordinate and carry out innovative projects.

When did the idea of creating a SOC come about and what prompted you to make this choice?

Silvio Cosoleto, Chief Operating Officer Relatech

Relatech is a Digital Enabler Solution Know-How (DESK) Company, present on the market since 2001 with a wide range of innovative digital solutions and services based on Digital Enabler frontier technologies. Relatech leads a group of 10 companies united by a common mission: to support customers in the digital transformation and innovation process. In this context, cybersecurity plays a fundamental role and has acquired an important place in the strategic plan implemented by Relatech.
The Relatech SOC, called ReSoc, was born with the aim of protecting all the customers' corporate assets and infrastructures from cyber threats of all kinds. In fact, ReSoc is equipped with a control room at the highest levels of security capable of offering advanced MDR (Managed Detection and Response) and EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) services. It is the ideal solution to prevent security problems and promptly intervene in the event of intrusion or attack on the corporate IT/OT infrastructure through consolidated and certified incident management procedures. Thanks to a multilevel defense strategy and latest generation tools, the SOC service ensures 360° protection of all corporate IT assets: the access perimeter, local and geographical networks, endpoints of all types, including mobile devices and IoT, software applications, databases and sensitive information. The service can be configured according to the real needs of the customer with modular service levels and is managed by highly experienced and certified personnel.

Cybersecurity has been playing a strategic and fundamental role for several years and it is what is evident from market studies and sudden cyber attacks, and it is therefore impossible to do without it. Thanks to our scientific ecosystem made up of university spinoffs and national research centres, Relatech is able to anticipate market needs and trends, trends that have seen considerable growth over the last three years, and the need will continue to grow double digit.

In this panorama, the SoC plays a primary role within the business strategy that Relatech implements.
Mediatech, one of the companies that joined Relatech, whose CEO is Giuseppe Dominoni, was an acquisition aimed precisely at enhancing the suite of cybersecurity services, within an already well-defined and structured cyber-security strategy .

What are the main objectives of your Security Operations Center and how do you intend to achieve them? How would you describe your SOC architecture? How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

Giuseppe Dominoni, CEO Mediatech, Relatech company
We have worked hard to differentiate ourselves from our competitors; we have seen that many SOCs are based on two fundamental aspects: the first is that they are proposed to medium-large companies, setting entry bands based on the number of managed endpoints, which can be, for example, 200.
We have removed this limit, so we are addressing anyone, even single professionals, because we believe that safety should be within everyone's reach. This is the first differentiating element, which was a goal achieved thanks also to the cutting-edge technology we used. The second is that everyone aims to use certain technologies, initially we too tried to use this approach, but we have seen that in the medium term it does not pay off since there is a risk of having a customer who divides and fragments what can be a solution integrated. In fact, many think "I adopt an important technology that we hear a lot about" but then if it is used badly it doesn't perform. Therefore, it is necessary to have a broader approach, which does not focus on the adoption of a single technology; this was the winning strategy for us.

What are the emerging threats that your Security Operations Center is currently able to detect and address?

Giuseppe Dominoni

This is the challenge in almost all SOCs, because it is easy to defend yourself against what you know, but it is much more difficult to defend yourself against what you do not know, also because it is the concept of cyber attacks, i.e. a set of lawful actions which become illicit when they cooperate with each other.
We are going to use what is the activity of RedTeam, that is of that team that constantly continues to do research and that tries to prevent what may be the problems that criminal associations then try to exploit.
From a technical point of view we are going to implement a series of algorithms that have been developed by companies of the Relatech group, which correlate the events and therefore try to highlight the problems that normal technology does not highlight. Our solution is the result of both known or proprietary technologies, but also of what is our research and this is an even more differentiating element compared to the competition.

Silvio Cosoleto

We were born as a software house to become today an expert reality of Digital Enabler Technologies. We constantly invest in the continuous research of cutting-edge technologies and in the development of new algorithms, so we talk about everything that is the most popular in the world today: artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, big data, etc. These are issues that we address well in advance, precisely to anticipate the needs of the market. In fact, we have carried out research projects on the cyber theme in partnership with other companies, in unsuspecting times, when the subject was still little treated. ReSoc is an important piece of what is a strategy in the field of security, because we believe that the simple use of technology, rather than compliance with regulations, is not sufficient to protect the business structure in Italy. This is the theme that is found within all that is the offer of Relatech. The group operates on all frontier technologies, from cyber security to the world of data management, to the IoT for the industrial and retail market, where we have proprietary solutions. Technology is something that we govern a lot, that we manage internally, but it is totally agnostic towards the customer.

How do you see the evolution of cyber security and what are the main emerging trends that your SOC is following?

Giuseppe Dominoni

There is a lot of talk about artificial intelligence which replaces the operations of human beings, automating a series of processes. Indeed, there are those who speak of a virtual SOC managed by artificial intelligence. We believe this is not feasible, because in any case we have seen that machines are very good at automating processes, they are very good at processing a lot of information quickly, but they always work on models that have been pre-established by someone. As a result, the "novelty" aspect and all that follows from it becomes difficult for the machine to interpret. We believe that the evolution of the SOC is always a SOC that stays up to date with the most emerging technologies, but where in any case the last word remains with a human person. So technology helps us because it facilitates low-level activities, but human action is essential. It will be now, it will definitely be later. Algorithms are based on the concept of cause and effect and try to understand its correlation, but there is a lot of scientific evidence that suggests that this is often not entirely effective.

Silvio Cosoleto

The machine is a support for man, but the empathic part is missing, so from this point of view we are agnostic to the total use of machines.
However, let's study what the whole world of ChatGPT is, for example used to support business.

How do you plan to evolve your Security Operations Center in the coming years to address emerging cybersecurity challenges?

Giuseppe Dominoni

We started this path by differentiating ourselves from the others by specializing in the OT part, in fact in the cyber world this issue is really managed by very few. Thanks to the expertise of group companies that are specialized in this area, we are able to guarantee complete Cybersecurity protection through the ReSOC service.
There are several excellent companies part of Relatech, which add value to the cybersecurity offer, among these Twenty hundred, specialized in offering Cybersecurity and Cloud solutions for the enterprise market and equipped with a NOC (Network Operations Center) able to offer monitoring services and protection of corporate infrastructures h24 7/7 Worldwide; EFA Automazione, leader in IoT solutions; IoT Catalyst, specialized in the development of edge computing solutions in the industry4.0, telco and smart city fields and Gruppo SIGLA, active in the design and development of digital solutions in the fields of industrial automation, data analysis and cybersecurity. This is a very important asset that allows us to have a highly differentiating offer on the market compared to the others.

How do you address this issue and how have you trained and developed your cybersecurity team to address this challenge? Demand for cybersecurity professionals is outstripping supply, and the shortage of skilled personnel in the industry is well known.

Silvio Cosoleto
We believe human capital is our fundamental asset, and this is why Relatech places its talents at the top of the value chain. In this regard, we have activated welfare policies and incentive career plans to be able to retain and bring new talent on board. We work a lot, even with the scientific ecosystem that collaborates daily with universities and this allows us to bring on board and attract new talent from the academic world. In this, the Relatech headquarters in Cosenza is our flagship for research and development activities and for the historic collaboration with local universities that allows us to attract new talent. To highlight this relationship with the university world, our office is located right inside the University of Calabria: we have completely shortened the distances with the academic world to facilitate the entry of talent into the group. Other group companies also support us in this sense, such as the SIGLA Group in Genoa and BTO Research in Milan, and have solid partnerships with the university world.
Furthermore, to make up for the lack of professional figures in the IT field, we are going to activate internal academies or with external bodies, bringing new skills and excellence on board. In line with the Relatech sustainability report, we pay close attention to resources and for the past two years we have also launched an internal training initiative called ReCoach which is based on coaching and has the objective of developing the maximum potential of the resources of the Relatech group, which today has a Human Capital of around 800 people distributed among the 9 Italian offices (Milan, Brescia, Parma, Bologna, Turin, Genoa, Rome, Naples, Cosenza) and the 5 foreign offices (Munich, Luxembourg , Vienna, New York, Hong Kong).


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