Using secure passwords is the main recommendation to avoid hacking problems, however, due to the difficulty of memorization and the large number of passwords to remember too often, we still fell into the mistake of using weak passwords.

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How to minimize the consequent risks? There are programs or apps called Password Manager that help with the ability to save passwords in a single secure virtual place. The result is that only one password needs to be stored. So let's see how these programs work and which ones are the best.

How Password Managers Work

A Password Manager, which can be either a software or an App, has a relatively simple operation. In fact, it creates a virtual space where to store the access data to the different systems, which can thus be recovered quickly. Obviously, access is protected by what is called a Master Password, but the great advantage is to create a single secure password and memorize the one, which will give access to all the others.

Relying on a Password Manager today is of great use to avoid the most common mistakes in managing accounts and their passwords: reusing the same pw for multiple accounts, creating weak passwords consisting of simple words, names or dates of birth.

All passwords and logins must be entered upon installation, and this can be the hardest part, but it is a one-time job. In fact, the best Password Managers have extensions for browsers which allow you to acquire the passwords stored on the browser itself at the first use, greatly simplifying subsequent management.

The best password managers

You can find paid Password Managers, often with subscription formulas, or even free ones, which often give access to limited features compared to the paid version but offer the possibility to test them and familiarize yourself with the system before deciding whether to switch to the paid version.

Among the most popular Password Managers we find Last Pass, also available in a free version, with limitations. Full of features it also has a system to indicate the strength of a password.

Another popular password manager is 1Password. Complete and graphically edited, it exists only in the paid version, with a 30-day free trial option.

Keeper is also a full-featured Password Manager, offering a free version or trial period.

Among the completely free Password Managers, on the other hand, KeePass must be reported, one of the best known and most used, it has excellent technology but rather simple graphics. Easier to use is Bitwarden, another completely free Password Manager, available for different operating systems.

How to create secure passwords

If the Password Manager is designed for greater security, however, you must be careful not to forget the Master Password and create a really secure one. To do this, you can use online systems such as Lastpass  that create safe combinations using alphanumeric and special characters.

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