In the ever-changing digital age, the importance of keeping up has become an increasingly evident need, both with effective specific training and with the need to create links between professionals and companies. The Cy-Base e-learning platform represents a step forward in innovation, combining training and job placement in a single system. Building on artificial intelligence (AI), Cy-Base offers vertical courses focused on cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and technology, preparing students for the real world of work through an integrated approach. Cy-Base revolutionizes the education industry and job entry.

 A multi-level project

The first level of the Cy-Base platform is dedicated to advanced training. Here students can buy courses divided into three parts, thus obtaining a complete and effective learning experience:

Theoretical part

The first part of the course provides a solid theoretical foundation on the topics of computer security, artificial intelligence and technology. Students will have access to high quality educational content, ranging from fundamental concepts to best practices of these rapidly evolving topics.

Hands-on tutorials

The second part of the course focuses on hands-on exercises for configuring specific environments and technologies. This practical approach allows students to acquire the skills necessary to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired in the real world.

Virtual training environment

The third part of the course is an innovative gamified learning experience, leveraging cutting-edge technology. Students will be immersed in an interactive virtual environment, where they will be able to put their knowledge into practice by learning how to counter cyber attacks. This game-based training helps develop the skills needed to deal with today's cybersecurity threats.

The second level of Cy-Base is a job placement platform, open to companies looking for qualified professionals. This tier includes two distinct databases to meet different business needs:

1- Database of employee candidates

The first database collects the profiles of those who have completed the Cy-Base courses and wish to enter the labor market as employees. Companies will be able to access the database and select the candidates best suited to their needs, considering the skills acquired through the courses.

2 - Database of freelancers

The second database is dedicated to those who want to pursue a freelance career in the field of information security, artificial intelligence and technology. Companies will be able to access this database and find qualified professionals who offer consultancy and support services on a freelance basis.


Training and job placement

The Cy-Base e-learning platform represents an innovative solution that combines advanced training and job placement. Its integrated approach, which combines a solid theoretical foundation, practical exercises and a virtual training environment, ensures comprehensive and engaging learning.

Furthermore, the platform offers a unique opportunity to companies, allowing them to access a database of qualified candidates to meet their job needs, whether for full-time hires or freelance jobs. This combination of training and job placement creates a win-win ecosystem for all involved.

Cy-Base stands as an engine of change in the e-learning sector, offering a cutting-edge platform that combines technological skills and job opportunities. With its innovative approach to learning and job hunting, Cy-Base positions itself as a leader in the field of e-learning and professional training.

To improve the launch structure and better define the dynamics of access to the platform, Cy-Base has prepared two questionnaires, one dedicated to students and one dedicated to companies. Anyone who wants to participate will receive a voucher to access the platform at an advantageous rate and thus try this new experience!

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