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One of the most underrated details still today is the password.



First of all, what is a password? A password (word that enables access) is a set of letters and / or numbers that allows you to access restricted online pages. In a system of this type, each unique user name (it can be an email address, or a username, an id and so on) is associated with a password which constitutes a sort of (hopefully) unique secret identification code. By typing the secret word code next to your username, you can enable access.


The password is the key to access our data and treating it lightly is equivalent to leaving your house keys to strangers. Yes, that's right, not taking care in choosing and storing a password is like leaving the front door open and sometimes a nice note that says "go in!" hanging out.
There are some tips that are essential to protect your data with a secure password and above all to keep it protected over time.




Therefore we have decided to make a list of #CyberDucksTips for you



Although it does not seem easy to remember, the password must be long and complex, it must contain numeric characters and letters in upper and lower case and at least one special character, this helps not to be easily decrypted, also avoids using your personal data in the password (name, surname, date of birth, name of your pet) as these are all information easily available for an attacker.


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Never communicate your password, do not save it on your device by naming the folder or file that contains it with the word "password", use secure applications that serve as a password holder, do not write it on slips of paper visible to colleagues or strangers.


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Remember to change your password cyclically, in this way you will increase the security of your devices.


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Also remember to activate the notice of access to your account (where possible) so as to understand if someone is trying to access without your permission.


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