As often happens, underestimating cyber security leads to considerable damage and risks.

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The world market is pushing towards the conquest of a very significant world in commerce: the world of apps. And this is where, unfortunately, the security assessments of an app are often underestimated and a company that does not perform a proper assessment risks losing data and money due to security holes.

In this regard, we want to provide some "tips" on how to do a proper check on apps to evaluate their security.



Be careful if the App accesses your contacts photos or data and makes a copy of them.

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Always check that the App does not communicate your movements to third parties.

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Obviously, always check that the authentication is adequately protected.

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Try to always update your app with new patches that ensure security.

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Alberto P.
Author: Alberto P.
Alberto has been dealing with Cyber Security and Information Security for 20 years, currently working as CISO for a financial and technology group. He has developed Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence technological projects as R & D, he has also cooperated with universities in the development of projects based on Blockchain and IT security.
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