Italian startups are making their entry into the United States, and cities like Boston and New York are increasingly becoming the main stage for highly prominent events in the field of innovation and investment. One of these resonant events is "Primo Innovare 2023", organized by 42N Advisors, an association made up of over twenty Italian experts in the entrepreneurial, academic and professional sectors, rooted in the United States for many years, with the aim of bringing together the best Italian startups with a group of prominent American investors. The prestigious event will be held at the Italian Consulate in New York on September 12 and at the Italian Consulate in Boston on September 14, 2023.

The growth of Italian startups is not just a trend in the United States. Even in Europe, the startup ecosystem is gaining momentum, and Italy is emerging as a key player in this scenario. While the “Primo Innovare 2023” event lays the foundation for the success of Italian startups in the US, it is worth examining how it compares to the European landscape.

In Europe, the startup ecosystem is experiencing constant growth. According to data from Startup Europe Partnership (SEP), European startups raised a total of over €43 billion in funding in 2022, an increase of 25% compared to the previous year. Italy has contributed significantly to this growth, with numerous emerging companies attracting investment both nationally and internationally.

Italy is rapidly establishing itself as one of the protagonists of the European startup ecosystem. Emerging Italian companies are operating in a wide range of sectors, from agrotechnology to sustainable mobility, from digital healthcare to artificial intelligence. These startups are demonstrating their ability to compete internationally and attract significant investments.

 While the United States remains an irresistible attraction for many Italian startups, it is important to also consider the opportunities and challenges in Europe. While the US offers a business-friendly environment and a large investor base, Europe presents a highly diversified market and fertile ground for cross-border collaboration.

"Primo Innovare 2023" is a significant step in the direction of greater collaboration between Italy and the United States in the field of innovation and enterprise. Italian startups have demonstrated a strong entrepreneurial spirit and can find opportunities both in the United States and in Europe.

 The requirements for a startup that wants to participate are:

Have sold and invoiced your product/service to at least two customers.

Demonstrate raising at least $100,000 in third-party funding.

Ensure the presence of at least two individuals capable of developing the business in the United States and at least one figure internationally recognized as an expert in the specific application.

Scalability, market and technological.

The company considered best will get one year of free assistance from 42N to establish a headquarters in the United States and build a solid relationship with financiers.

The startups selected to participate in this edition:

 The growth of the startup ecosystem in Europe, together with the strength of Italian startups, represents extraordinary potential for the future of innovation and enterprise. We are eager to see the results that this initiative will produce and to closely follow the path of Italian startups that are trying to establish themselves globally.

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