Today we introduce Anastasia Denisova, a 23-year-old entrepreneur who is revolutionizing the real estate investment industry through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a technology portal based in Dubai, Anastasia has demonstrated remarkable entrepreneurial vision in creating an AI-based platform that simplifies the investment process for real estate investors.

Challenging the traditional method of property research and selection that takes weeks of time, Anastasia has chosen to harness the potential of artificial intelligence to identify the most profitable properties with the highest growth potential. Through her innovative startup, investors can now benefit from an accelerated investment process, yielding faster and more reliable results.

With her deep understanding of artificial intelligence and its applications in the real estate sector, Anastasia has gained the trust of investors, convincing them to leverage this cutting-edge technology to make important financial decisions. Her technology portal has become an invaluable resource for real estate investors seeking to maximize their returns and minimize risk.

Today, Anastasia continues to lead her company to success, constantly introducing new features and expansion plans for the AI-based portal. Her inspiring story showcases the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in the real estate investment industry and provides an important lesson for entrepreneurs seeking to innovate using state-of-the-art technologies.

 What was your inspiration behind creating the AI-based technology portal for real estate investors?

The inspiration behind starting Realiste and developing the first real estate exchange in the world stemmed from a desire to revolutionize the way people invest in real estate. We recognized the inefficiencies and challenges inherent in the traditional process and saw an opportunity to create a more streamlined and accessible platform. By leveraging technology and data, we aimed to provide a solution that would benefit both buyers and developers,making the real estate market more transparent and efficient.

How did you develop and implement the use of artificial intelligence to simplify the real estate investment process?

My idea behind creating the Al for real estate investors stemmed from a desire to revolutionize the way investors approach property research and selection. I recognized the challenges and incipiencies in the traditional methods, and I saw an opportunity to leverage artificial intelligence to simplify. and enhance the investment process. By harnessing the power of Al, I aimed to provide investors with a comprehensive and data-driven platform that would empower them to make more informed and profitable decisions.

What are the main advantages that investors gain by using the AI-based platform compared to traditional methods of property research and selection?

One of the major challenges in the real estate market is its inherent diversity across different regions. When comparing markets like Dubai and Indonesia, we encounter various nuances that complicate two key aspects. Firstly, identifying the most lucrative investment opportunities becomes challenging as investors seek maximum profits. Secondly, determining the optimal exit strategy poses a difficulty. Unlike the transparent stock market, real estate lacks transparency, creating a stark contrast. Consequently, artificial intelligence has emerged as a valuable tool in navigating these challenges. AI enables the identification of prime investment opportunities and guides investors in making informed decisions to optimize their returns in the real estate market.

How did you overcome the challenges of convincing investors to trust artificial intelligence in making important financial decisions?

Firstly, our track record speaks for itself. With hundreds of successfully closed deals, we have a proven record of delivering results for our investors. We believe in the power of community, recognizing that in the complex field of AI in real estate, collaboration is key. Secondly, our unwavering focus is on maximizing returns for our investors. We strive to ensure that our investors engage in multiple transactions throughout the year, rather than just one. This emphasis on frequent activity fuels growth and remains a primary criterion for us. Our ultimate goal goes beyond attracting investments; it centers around providing exceptional service to our investors.

How do you evaluate the effectiveness and accuracy of the AI algorithm in selecting profitable properties for investors?

Efficiency can be quantified by examining our track record, specifically the entry price of our investments. This allows for a comprehensive assessment of the project's performance over the span of several years. Additionally, we continuously measure the accuracy of our data through daily monitoring of the Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE). This enables us to stay informed about the market's daily fluctuations and ensures that our AI remains up-to-date with the latest changes.

What are your future plans for the AI-based technology portal? Are there any new features or expansions in the works?

Certainly! Firstly, our vision is to create the world's first real estate exchange, providing a seamless platform for individuals worldwide to purchase real estate with just a single click. This innovative approach aims to revolutionize the way properties are bought and sold globally. In terms of our plans, we aspire to become the primary gateway for institutional investors in emerging markets. Our goal is to establish a strong presence and capture a significant market share in key regions such as Africa, South America, the Middle East, and India. By expanding into these growing markets, we aim to offer unparalleled investment opportunities and facilitate sustainable growth for both investors and local communities.

What advice or suggestions would you have for entrepreneurs looking to use artificial intelligence to innovate in the real estate investment sector?

Undoubtedly, monetizing AI in the real estate sector presents its challenges. In light of this, I believe it is crucial for all real estate entrepreneurs to prioritize the core aspect: the ability to conduct swift and secure transactions. This fundamental requirement will be paramount for individuals participating in the market over the next decade. The focus should be on simplifying and streamlining these processes, ensuring that individuals can seize opportunities with ease and confidence. By addressing this key need, we can unlock tremendous potential in the industry and provide a seamless experience for all stakeholders involved.

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