Researchers have identified a new Android malware that threatens the security of accounts on the popular social network.

The malware in fact would allow cybercriminals to steal the login credentials to your Facebook account and prevent access to the rightful owner. The malware spreading campaign exploits fraudulent applications in the "Reading and Education" category. These apps once installed on Android devices steal user data especially Facebook profile name, Face ID, Email and phone number, password and device name.

Malware evades antiviruses.

According to experts, it is malware present since 2018 and originating from Vietnam, which to date has infected over 300,000 users worldwide, both through apps on the official store and distributed by third parties. The danger and the great diffusion is due in particular to the ability of the computer virus to elude the antivirus, which thus prove to be useless.

The Schoolyard Bully Trojan, as the malware was called, injects malicious code into the legitimate Social Network login screen, thus managing to memorize the information of interest. Facebook login credentials prove to be invaluable for cybercriminals, who can, through identity theft, replace the person to commit crimes or gain access to bank details or even spread other viruses. Access data is also sold on the dark web allowing for easy, illicit, earnings.

What to do if your Facebook profile has been hacked.

If access is still possible, it is possible to check the activities carried out by the profile through the settings and then by accessing "Security and Access". From here you can see the devices that have logged in, identifying any anomalies. Obviously if there were, the first thing to do is change your password, being careful to use secure, long and unique passwords, not used for other accounts.

If, on the other hand, the password has been changed, then recovery can be attempted using the normal system settings. If this method also does not work, the social platform provides the "Report compromised account" page. While waiting for a reply, having ascertained the violation of the account, it would always be advisable to proceed with a complaint to the competent authorities.

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