On June 14 and 15, 2024, the city of Lugano will transform into a meeting point for innovators, artists, and blockchain technology enthusiasts, hosting the annual NFT Fest Lugano. This event presents a unique opportunity to explore new digital frontiers and the limitless possibilities offered by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

An Event of International Scope

NFT Fest Lugano will take place in one of the city's most prestigious locations, the Palazzo del Municipio, and will extend into the pedestrian area of the center, creating an ideal environment for networking and artistic exploration. Supported by the Municipality of Lugano and numerous international partners, the event aims to become a reference point for those interested in understanding and influencing the digital future.

Innovation and Interaction at the Center

Participants will have the opportunity to attend panel discussions with industry experts, renowned artists, and blockchain technology pioneers. Among the speakers for the 2024 edition are representatives from major names like Tether, Polygon, and ICP. Additionally, attendees can discover digital galleries featuring exclusive NFT artworks and participate in interactive workshops to learn how to create and manage their own NFTs.

An Opportunity for All

NFT Fest is not just an event for industry insiders but is positioned as a celebration of digital culture that is increasingly taking hold in our society. The event organizer, Roberto Gorini, expresses enthusiasm for bringing together international talents in Lugano to share knowledge and inspiration that will shape the future of NFTs.

Join the Event

For more information on tickets, the detailed program, and participation opportunities, please visit the official event website. Take advantage of the "NFT30" code to get a 30% discount on tickets if purchased by April 30.

NFT Fest Lugano is a must-attend event for those who want to keep up with the times and navigate the currents of technological change. See you in Lugano!

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