In the increasingly interconnected world in which we operate, cybersecurity has become an issue of crucial importance for companies. Cyber attacks are increasingly sophisticated and frequent, and often occur due to internal company behavior that unintentionally incentivizes attackers.We'll explore five specific behaviors that can endanger business security and offer practical advice on how to avoid them. Additionally, we will provide three key tips to effectively protect businesses from cyber threats.


1. Negligence in Cyber Security Training
One of the most common behaviors that can endanger cybersecurity within companies is negligence in employee training. When employees are unaware of cyber threats and security best practices, they become an easy target for attackers. Companies should invest in cybersecurity training to ensure employees are informed about risks and are able to identify potential threats.

2. Poor Management of Access Credentials
Managing access credentials is fundamental to cybersecurity. The use of weak or shared passwords, or the lack of a password rotation policy, can make corporate networks vulnerable to attacks. Companies should promote the use of strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and a strict credential management policy.

3. Failure to Update Software and Applications
The use of obsolete or out-of-date software is another behavior that can incentivize cyber attacks. Attackers often exploit vulnerabilities in outdated software to gain access to company systems. Companies should implement regular software and application update procedures to minimize vulnerabilities.

4. Unauthorized Sharing of Sensitive Data 
Unauthorized sharing of sensitive data is a serious cybersecurity risk. Lack of adequate controls over access to sensitive data can lead to security breaches and information leaks. Companies should implement data management policies that limit access to only authorized individuals and monitor user activity for suspicious behavior.

5. Failure to Protect Mobile Devices
With the increase in remote working, mobile devices have become a prime target for cyber attacks. Lack of security on mobile devices and uncontrolled access to corporate networks can lead to serious security breaches. Companies should implement mobile security policies, including mobile device management (MDM) solutions, to protect company data.
Implementing actions that are effective against attacks is certainly the best way to create an attentive and high-performance defense within companies and state bodies. Below we have selected three points that are fundamental for prevention purposes.

Implement a Robust Security Policy:
Creating and implementing a robust cybersecurity policy is critical to protecting your business. This policy should include clear guidelines for credential management, sensitive data management, mobile device security, employee training, and incident response procedures. Ensuring that all employees are informed and comply with these guidelines will significantly help reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

Actively Monitor Network Traffic: The implementation of active network traffic monitoring solutions allows you to promptly identify suspicious activities or anomalies. These systems can detect unauthorized behavior or unauthorized access attempts and trigger alarms, thus allowing you to react quickly and prevent potential attacks.

Plan Incident Response:
Despite all preventative efforts, no company is immune to a potential cyber attack. Therefore, it is crucial to have a well-defined incident response plan. This plan should include procedures to follow in the event of a security breach, including mitigation steps, root cause analysis, and internal and external communication. An effective response can help limit damage and quickly restore operational normality.

Cybersecurity is a collective responsibility within a company. Avoiding behaviors that incentivize cyber attacks is essential to protecting the company and its data. Investing in training, credential management, software updates, data protection and mobile devices can significantly help strengthen corporate cybersecurity. Prevention is always better than having to deal with the consequences of a cyber attack.

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