The use of the single password is becoming obsolete, the double factor is increasingly used in authentication.

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In a recent sector study, the use of passwords was found to be a weak link in the security chain, this happens because, despite the recent dissemination of targeted courses on corporate awareness dedicated to the world of cyber security, many employees still use weak and non-weak passwords. suitable.

Double factor and biometric authentication.

In recent days, research has emerged showing the number of CEOs who are still using "12356" as a password, although it may seem like a joke this happens often and very often leads to high risk factors.
Many cyber security specialists urged the industry to switch to other forms of access such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) - in which users must provide an additional layer of identification to log in - or biometric data such as face or face scanning. fingerprints to improve the general security of personal data.
Where possible, platforms should introduce other ways for people to log in and users should make an effort to use them.
Since passwords are really easy to guess, actually being able to use something that is unique such as your fingerprint is a logical step to take in a new, more exposed landscape.
Two or more factor authentication is today the most secure protection system we have available to protect our accounts, in fact authentication based on a single fact is now a weak security solution.
With the exception of internet banking services, which require us to do so, we are not obliged to use two-factor authentication on all other sites. It is an optional option, but often setting it determines the best performing security for both commercial and social accounts.
In fact, several social networks have begun to use the double authentication factor precisely to have higher protection of the accounts.
The risk factor is often underestimated but those who, for example, work with social media on a daily basis, need not be easy prey to attacks. Double-factor authentication uses a phone number, biometric data or an app that uses a token that is used to recognize the user.
This tool is more effective and will certainly be used more and more often.
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