The lack of specialized personnel in the sector has been confirmed for some years now, even if many young people are moving towards specializations in this sector. Here are some of the most promising training paths.

corsi cybersecurityConsidering that the problem of the lack of technicians and experts in the field of cybersecurity is becoming more and more urgent, specific courses have been activated from many parts to prepare future defenders of computer networks, from three-year degrees to masters, here are the main possible solutions in our village.


Bachelor's Degrees in Cybersecurity.

The University of Milan is organizing a Bachelor's Degree Course in Security of Systems and Information Networks which aims to provide a solid basic preparation in the information technology sector, with a focus on security and related issues. Particular attention is then paid to practical knowledge, for a better and effective insertion in the different operational contexts, both private and public. Among the subjects of study, in addition to mathematics, statistics and programming, the organizational aspects of cybersecurity, cryptography, biometric systems and computer forensics stand out.


Master's Degrees in Information Security.

A Master's Degree Course in Computer Engineering, Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence is active at the University of Cagliari, also included in the database created by ENISA for training in the field of Cybersecurity.
At the Sapienza University of Rome, on the other hand, it is possible to obtain a two-year Master's Degree in Cybersecurity, which offers a multidisciplinary approach to IT security, expanding the professional opportunities of graduates: from the interest in the psychological field of cyber criminals to figures operating in the field of personal data protection. Among the subjects of study are cryptography, network infrastructures, legal aspects, ethical hacking, malware analysis, biometric systems, the Internet of Things.


Other Masters.

The University of Genoa, on the other hand, offers a Master in Cybersecurity and Critical Infrastrucure Protection, for the training of experts in the protection of corporate information assets, with two different specializations: in Cyber ​​Defense of IT / OT System and in GRC for Critical Infrastructure. Protection and the Enterprise. The reference professional figures of the Master are: the Information Security Officer, the Cybersecurity Operator in Critical Infrastructures, the Cybersecurity consultant for companies, the Analyst.
In Perugia, we find the Master in Data Protection, Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics with a focus on the discipline of Privacy, cybercrime, European privacy law and IT security. The goal is to train future DPOs - Data Protection Officers, RTDs - Managers of the Digital Transition, consultants for digitization and IT security, technical consultants.

Other Cybersecurity Training Courses.

Among the courses also intended for non-graduates we find the Higher Education Course in Cybersecurity Management organized by CYSEA in collaboration with the LUM University. This is a course aimed above all at the training of Chief Information Officers and Chief Security Information Officers, corporate resources capable of operating at a consultancy level to define the guidelines of security policies and verify compliance. Also included in the program are two modules that prepare for the exams for the international certifications E | ISM (EC-Council | Information Security Manager) and E | CIH (EC-Council | Certified Incident Handler).

Finally, for the youngest, here is the CINI Cybersecurity training program, which last January saw over a thousand participants, between the ages of 16 and 24, in the selections to participate in the sixth edition of, the training program for the new generations of cybersecurity experts. As many as 32 universities, participating in the project and experts from private companies, will contribute to the training of young people in over 35 locations throughout the country.

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