Play is the best way to learn. So the National Cyber Security Center created an online game to educate about cyber security.


We know that the world we live in is increasingly digital and the new generations come into contact with virtual realities very soon, making an educational approach to cyber security necessary. From this awareness was born the idea of ​​designing an online game, launched by the English office for the protection against cyber threats, intended for the very new generations, for children aged 7 to 11, which can be promoted in schools but also in all youth organizations.

The plot of CyberSprinters, this is the name of the game, sees the protagonists engaged in a race against time in order not to drain their battery. By answering questions about cyber security, they can earn points and stay charged. But this can be lost when they encounter cybercriminals. The topics range from the creation of very complex secure passwords, to the attention when receiving suspicious messages to the protection of personal devices.

In this way, children are introduced to the world of cyber security and can acquire that awareness and sensitivity that will help them protect themselves from major threats, making wise decisions and paying due attention to the actions they take. In addition, documents and didactic cards were made available to training institutions to complete the education of the children.

The game is available in English at this address



Alberto P.
Author: Alberto P.
Alberto has been dealing with Cyber Security and Information Security for 20 years, currently working as CISO for a financial and technology group. He has developed Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence technological projects as R & D, he has also cooperated with universities in the development of projects based on Blockchain and IT security.
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